Yves Lobet is born in 1958 and lives in Belgium, near Brussels. His passion for photography appeared a long time ago and followed him hrough the different stages of his life: after completing his education at the UCL, he conducted biomedical research in the USA, then worked in a multinational company in Belgium until recently. To create and print images remained a vivid passion aver these years, despite sometimes the lack of time.

His photographic interests are multiple.

He has always been attracted by graphical photographs, with a very simple composition, even minimalistic. This is reflected in the two series “Végétales” and “Horizons”, still work in progress. The series “Minéralité” has won a contest in 2013 ans has been exposed for a month in a large gallery in Brussels.

The other aspect of his photographic activities are the assignments and documentary realized during his travels, events and shows.
As a long distance hiker, his camera is his notebook to record landscapes, atmospheres and the path… He likes nothing more than capturing a great light.
Over the last 10 years, he followed and photographed an amateur theater company, “Traque au Trac”. He spends several days, each year, with the actors during the last rehearsal and the shows.
He completed assignments for various evnets and publications.